I got the bug in 2017. It's not in a good way.

I was bitten by the zine bug in 2017, the pressure becoming too great to ignore. Originally starting with "Zine what you know", I began with Bemusement Park in mid-2017, before giving up on the notion of hardcopies due to lack of money. Also, the nearest zine group was in Wellington, the better part of an hour away. So I went to issuu.com under the name Desperate Fun Productions.

All zines are in PDF format.

Bemusement Park Issues

I made 4 of these. All were A6, and 16 pages long. The downloadable versions are for reading online at issuu.com.

#1 July 2017: The 2012 cycle trip

Bemusement Park #1 front cover

The first ever zine I made, using Scribus and Paint Shop Pro. It covers a cycling trip from Featherston to Masterton, and my grandiose plans for same. Not bad for a first attempt.


#2 August 2017: Beervana 2017, and the demon drink

Bemusement Park #2 front cover

This one was made in a more traditional 'scrapbook' fashion, with photos and text printed out and chopped into submission. It also sports collages on the centrespread and covers, made at the Wellington Public Library with other erstwhile if uncommunicative zinesters.


#3 September 2017: Your utopia sucks

Bemusement Park #3 front cover

This one was also done in the same 'real collage' style. It was inspired by a stickery altercation with some "Smash X" types, who got the last word thanks to the local anarchist group. Don't get excited. My utopia sucks too.


#4 October 2017: E Motel: The short but happy life of a web comic

Bemusement Park #4 front cover

This was a return to Scribus, as I realised that I couldn't generate sixteen pages of interesting content a month. Here, I revisted my old glory days of making E Motel, a web comic with decent art and a terrible story. I also look at other comic ideas I had.


The Efsitz

The Efsitz was a resurgence, trying to apply a quarterly publishing structure, which has failed miserably. The first issue came out just in time to miss March 2018. All issues are A5 size, running to 32 pages.

The Efsitz Summer 2018: A very long walk for a beer

The Efsitz Summer 2018 front cover

A mad idea to walk from Plimmerton to Paekakariki along the relatively new and steep(!) escarpment trail led to this travelogue, among other blethering.


The Efsitz Autumn-Winter-Spring 2018: Hygge, fish and gloom

The Efsitz Autumn-Winter-Spring 2018 front cover

In this volume, there's a gloomy poem about age; something in the style of Peter Cook's character EL Wisty; a meditation with doodle about hygge; raving about The Binding of Isaac; the Island Bay Marine Education Centre, and other things.


The Efsitz Winter 2019: The world through turd-tinted glasses

The Efsitz Winter 2019 front cover

Oh I was jolly when I compiled this issue. A gloomy short essay about the cover art is followed by a rant poem about an astonishing thing I saw in the paper; poems about my holiday that year; and a few more poems.



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