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I need to set a reminder about this

Seriously. I think I haven't updated this site at all for over a month. It's fairly laborious, logging in to the host, logging in to Cpanel, then editing files by hand. Ideally I could just send emails and have them turned into blogs, but that's not happening any time soon. I can imagine all sorts of security issues with that.

So I need to become more habituated to this extra level of faff. After Mixcloud, update here. Must remember next time.

As for the Body to Soul project, I'm now exploring what can be done with SEER. So far, I have a drum and some bass loops I can mix and match, but I'm still seeking the elusive Part B. The key could be anything. Maybe it's a pad in F# (since SEER translates to ADDA, making a full three-note chord. Hm, there's something to try.) Or it's some sort of vocal sample I haven't twigged to yet. The options are still endless.

However, a double-whammy of the flu and gastroenteritis took me down last week. Flu takes it out of you at best, and gastro' takes the juices out of you as well, so it's a wonder I'm not the Cranky Raisin right now. Add to that the knowledge that everyone else at work is an idiot who won't even think to address some of my work... it's a wonder I'm able to eat again.

As I write this, or sontinue to, it's Sunday. Tomorrow I go to work again. I don't want to. I want to be alone for a week or more, to find out what sort of lifestyle I really need as I slide into the downhill of my life. Personally I suspect going to bed at midnight and getting up about nine, with a lot of fiddling about on the computers and maybe a light dinner before fading out and doing it all again.

But I do need to check in regularly. So I can tell you about recent releases like Slothy's Ravity: three tracks of Kiwi new rave. Cover art of Slothy's _Ravity_

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