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The New DJ Machine

The new DJ laptop is actually an ex-business HP EliteBook sporting a DVD drive, 500GB disk, 4-core i7 CPU and 8GB memory. And it's so far proving to be perfect.

As I wrote before, one of my stipulations was that the lappy had to be able to run Ableton, unlike Penny. It also needed more power as more powerful features were added to Virtual DJ. For instance, I'm slavering over the new one that allows you to make stems out of tracks. I don't know how well it works, but I must try it.

There was, however, an issue with putting it on the little podium I made years ago. It is much larger than Penny was, and so its base sat directly on top of it. Not good for ventilation.

The answer was a $1 cardboard packing box, sliced up and glued together; two triangular prisms on a base. The lappy perches on the points and runs nice and cool - and high enough that I can reach the FX and filter knobs on the Numark. Inelegant, but effective.

So far, the only distractions I have on it, and long may things stay that way, is RedNoteBook and some inspirational pictures. I suppose Chrome counts as well, but as long as I keep my wandering mind under control...

Anyway, that's the reason this site sort of went dormant for a while. That and working on Body To Soul a lot more. Which is what I should do next today. No, wait, I need a walk first. It's not the best weather for doing so, but I need exercise beyond clambering up and down a ladder blasting leaves out of the gutters with a hose.


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