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Dropping the Penny

Sorry Penny, but once I finish re-coring my DJ libraries, I'm buying a new laptop. Probably something like this:

Looks like Lenovo

I currently have a 'new' library folder on my D drive, where I can stretch out and start sorting everything into three main folders: Core, Unsorted and Junk. Then I'll go back to the Unsorted and start winnowing out stuff into a fourth folder, Secondary.

It's obvious that:

  • Core is the core of my library. This stays put on my lappy. It's my legitimately purchased singles and albums.
  • Secondary will be all the genres that I play now and again, but not constantly so. Things like punk, heavy metal, jazz, lounge, Christmas or better Halloween themes.
  • Unsorted currently holds everything that isn't Core. I've to go through and sort all that out.
  • Junk is the last stage before being binned. YouTube rips, Songr downloads, downloads that seemed interesting at the time. These I keep for reference, or just toss.

And once all this sorting and separation is done, I'll be replacing all my other copies of my music library on my other disks and going lappy shopping. I know what I want. Multiple cores, at least 14 inches screen, three USB ports, four or eight gigs memory, and ample space for the library, VirtualDJ, Ableton, Paint Shop Pro, LibreOffice, and Audacity. Basically it's going to be a dedicated, music-work only device.

The reason is that Penny's got plenty of space, but that single-core 1.6GHz processor is too weak. Heck, my first computer in 1997 had a processor like that. It also had a 1.6GB hard drive. I thought it was the greatest thing ever. And Penny ably runs VDJ... but originally I purchased her for writing. Now I need something I can take on the road that also can cope with Ableton... which Penny cannot.

But! My shopping shows me mostly 256GB hard drives. My library, total and unsorted, weighs in at around 170GB, or two-thirds of the drive. Once I start adding Ableton, some VSTs, and sample packs... we're looking at a lappy that's fuller than the family po on half-price night.

Which is why step one of laptop shopping is re-coring my library. Once I have Core and Secondary all sorted, just drop less than half of that - Core - into the drive. Then I can add samples and work on music wherever I go... the front room, or maybe the back patio, even sitting on the grass in Mazengarb Reserve. And later, in the bach... or in the library... or a pub.

I will keep Penny as a backup though. But I am looking forward to not having to squint at tiny text, or worry about a potential lag spike, or powering on and the wifi deciding not to work.

Funny... I thought my next big DJ purchase would be speakers.

Anyway, the lockdown hasn't been all that fine. But at least Thursday night I rough drafted SEED, so that's something.


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