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I'll be honest and admit that I've regarded the media hysterics over COVID-19 with the same apathy and irritation that I extend to inescapable hype about Game of Thrones or some other new media sensation I couldn't give a damn about.

There's a case of it in my town. On the street where I work.

I hope they get better.

My DJ career hasn't yet got off the ground, and that's probably a good thing now. Otherwise I'd be looking at massive disruption to my income and scheduling. Anyway, I can stop drooling over gear and practice production and library management instead.

At the moment, Body to Soul is still limping along as follows:

  • BODY has been restarted, with a more reggaeton-afrobeat feel.
  • BONY, after some thought, will be mostly in the key of G, since two notes in it are G, after all.
  • BOND I haven't thought of much. Maybe I'll blend it in with BONY.
  • BEND and SEND I need to start.
  • SEED is basically drafted.
  • SEER I'm not sure about; might go for a trance feel.
  • SEAR I worked on some time ago, but I think I got something. I'll have to look at it. Might think of working in the key of A with rhythmic emphasis on the first and last notes.
  • SOAR I could merge with SEAR.
  • SOUR I'll have to go back and listen to. I'm sure I blocked out something.
  • SOUL could average out to the key of G#, since it's motif varies between F and B.

Actually, blending two sequences together might work. BONY and BOND get a name, maybe something like Dancing In Our Bones, ("Because it's so hot in here / I could rip my skin off / And dance wearing / Just my bones"). BEND and SEND the same, call it Twist My Words ("Don't listen to them / They'll twist my words / That I speak straight / To your heart").

Oh god, that might mean lyrics. And me singing, a terrible sound.

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