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What I did in the holidays

Last week I took off to the bach. I don't actually own it, a family friend does, which saves me a few hundred in rental fees. It's in a beach village, with pine forests to walk in, beach to walk along, and interesting places to go within a reasonable driving distance.

I had woolly ideas of being productive, like I did on holidays before; sets every day, that sort of thing. Not this time. I spent a lot of time sleeping, my Northern Scottish Vampire genetics keeping me out of the sun. I drank rather more beer than I should have, ate some junky meals I wish I hadn't, saw some very nice sights, and journalled. A lot.

Saturday I went up to Palmerston North by way of Massey University. I went there in 1990, all optimism and ignorance of my particular problems, which pretty much meant the only positive thing that happened was my exposure to alternative radio. Back then, the library was accessed through the middle floor, via a large ramp that took up a fair whack of the concourse. That's gone now. The Student Services Building has been renovated. There are more complexes of prefabs and student housing. Rotary Court is still the same from the outside. I had to leave; the Massey I knew was memory now.

There was also a zinefest going on at Snails, just off Cuba Street; I'd intended to go in, have a look, and came out with a tote bag full of loot. It was, all things considered, a good day out, even though what turned out to be a fatal crash near Shannon snarled up traffic.

The zinefest has started jiggling my braincell; I may be getting ideas for a zine. I'm not sure.

I've also ramped up my working on music. I guess it's a matter of mental breathing space and techniques that work.

At the zinefest


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