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As I write, Ableton has just finished installing on Penny, more to test whether she can run it than anything else. (Spoiler alert: While it runs, Penny can't really hack it, so off it comes.) Next week I'm going on what might be a holiday, or some sort of DJ-producer retreat.

Over the next seven days, as well as the de rigeur relaxation, sightseeing and mild overeating, I intend doing a lot of prep. Unmixing, re-mixing, tagging, and maybe some work on selecting a distinctive instrument set to act as a base for my works.

Which probably means choosing a whole mess of sample banks for Grace. After all, listening to, say, Approaching Nirvana's Not Even Once or Zynomics' Seven, I can't help noticing that generally an album is held together by having the same instruments in all the tracks. So that's something I need to do. Core samples, if you will.

You probably got here by noticing that there is now a "misc" dropdown; originally I was going to keep this blog separate, but since I mostly write about my lack of music career, I may as well plug it in. There's also a page of my old Quake maps. I intend collecting all my old efforts and bringing them together here as a means of protecting them from the vagaries of third party sites. As such, there'll be a page for my fanfictions, photography, old webcomic, maybe even locally stored copies of my mixes and tracks, and on it goes...

Me doing a set on holiday last year


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